A smarter home warranty
for a smarter home owner

We cover costs of breakdowns, help prevent problems
from happening, and coordinate many home services.

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Just a note to say that I think you guys are great! I had a really bad experience with Home Warranty in the past and swore to myself never to fall into a trap like that again, and it was only when I read about your company that I was willing to give a you a try. And I have not been disappointed. Everything, from the transparency of your coverage to the ease of making appointments to the quality of your technicians, has been an unqualified success as far as I am concerned. I will sing your praises whenever I get a chance:)

Thomas L.
Washington, D.C.

We get it. The home warranty business is broken,
and you’re looking for something different.

Maybe you are trying to find an alternative after a bad experience

Negative reviews

…Or maybe you are reading reviews, trying to find out if a home warranty is right for you.

Negative tweets

Fortunately, you don't have to choose the best from among a bad bunch of home warranty companies anymore.

Super is something different

At Super, we don’t just help you fix your house, we help you care for your home.

Broken fridge

Super helps you coordinate many of your home needs - from maintenance to repair.

Person making a request in the app

Service is available over the phone, online, or via mobile.

Servicer appears

We send the best service providers, at the best time for you.

Repair covered by subscription

Super repairs or replaces covered appliances and systems when they break.

So check us out — we think when you get to experience the difference between a home warranty and a Super home subscription, you’ll see that there is really no comparison.

Super Logo Typical American Home Warranty Logo
Subscription care
Typical American
home warranty
Breakdown coverage Available Checkmark Available Checkmark
More predictable expenses Complete home care Breakdown only
Discounts Any home service Appliances only
Co-pay, not service/visit fee Only per-breakdown Service/visit fee every time
Maintenance Reminders Available Checkmark Not Available
Concierge for maintenance services Available Checkmark Not Available
Earn Service Rewards toward maintenance needs Available Checkmark Not Available
Home data in one digital place Available Checkmark Not Available
High quality service network Available Checkmark Not Available
Visits monitored via mobile technology Available Checkmark Not Available
Fewer exclusions on coverage Available Checkmark Not Available
Helps increase home value Available Checkmark Not Available
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