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About Us

Super provides subscription care for your home.

Our high quality service cares for your home as much as you care about your home. We’re the only technology home services company paying for costs a homeowner normally pays. That means we’re the only such company with a financial incentive aligned with you, the homeowner. While every other technology company in home services would love for you to spend more money, we want you to do what is right for your home, so ultimately, we both spend less money.

Things will always break in your home. That’s inevitable. We are building an experience where breakdowns are less likely to happen and less expensive when they do. Our vision is to provide individualized care for the lifetime of the home using a data-driven technology platform; a system that not only fixes problems that arise more rapidly, but also anticipates the need for preventive maintenance.

Let Super take care of your home as if it were our own, so you can focus on enjoying it. Let’s think differently and transform the home ownership experience together.

Super is a San Francisco-based technology company backed by some of the top investors in Silicon Valley:

Jorey Ramer portrait

Jorey Ramer

Founder & CEO

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Jorey Ramer is the founder & CEO of Super. Prior to Super, Jorey was the Founder and Senior Vice President of Emerging Business at Jumptap, which was acquired by Millennial Media (NYSE: MM) for over $200 million.

Jorey began his career helping start two business units of Trilogy Software, one of the world’s largest privately-held software companies, based in Austin, Texas. He was instrumental in co-founding Trilogy’s financial services division, the largest unit by revenue within two years. Leveraging this technology, Jorey and a dedicated team spun off a company that was acquired by Fortune 500 member Marsh & McLennan, a diversified risk, insurance, and professional services firm.

Jorey earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Engineering degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is the first named inventor on over 90 issued patents in the US, Japan, and Korea.

Bill Davis portrait

Bill Davis

Co-Founder & VP Operations

Bill Davis is co-founder and Vice-President of Operations for Super. Prior to Super, Bill led operations for Repair.com, a business unit of Asurion, where he built and managed a nationwide network of home service providers. Through process improvements he devised and implemented, Bill brought first-time fix rates and customer satisfaction scores to double industry average. Prior to Asurion, Bill held sales leadership and sales engineering roles at pioneering online and mobile companies including AOL, AT&T, and Sprint.

Ryan Donnelly portrait

Ryan Donnelly

Co-Founder & VP Engineering

Ryan Donnelly is co-founder and Vice-President of Engineering for Super. Prior to Super, Ryan was Chief Technology Officer for WeDemand, a music industry data and crowdfunding platform, featured at TechCrunch Disrupt and TEDx. Ryan started his career with Jorey at Trilogy Software, where he was a tech leader in Trilogy’s expansion to Europe, including as Trilogy’s sole representative in the UK. He has two decades experience delivering technology solutions to companies from the Fortune 500 to newly formed startups. Ryan holds a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University.